You Haven't Seen This Blog News Update List on Buzzfeed -

February 25

You Haven’t Seen This Blog News Update List on Buzzfeed


You Haven't Seen This Blog News Update List on Buzzfeed
News Flash! Photo Credit – Pixabay

Considering how much has been going on here, ¬†I have to say I was surprised too that you haven’t seen this blog news update on Buzzfeed. ūüôā

There has been a lot¬†¬†happening behind the scenes that I don’t know where to begin.

Update 1 – Business Development Masterclass

First of all I want to say a big thank you to all those who took part in the last One-Day Business Development Masterclass.  The feedback from the event was absolutely phenomenal and I am glad I hosted it.  A big thank you also to Kim George for co-hosting via a skype link.  Thank you all so much for making the event a success.  I will be telling you a little bit  more about the event later on.

Following on from that, I have had numerous enquiries from ¬†those unable to attend about the availability of a video of the event. ¬†Unfortunately, the event was not recorded or streamed live. I am happy to say that¬†¬†I have almost completed ¬†putting together a video version of the content deliver at the Masterclass. ¬†The only missing ingredients are the food (sorry guys, can’t recreate that), the physical presence and networking opportunities.

Please stay tuned and keep an eye out as I tell you more about how you can get your hands on the video edition of the Business Development Masterclass in the coming days. I must say that  I am quite excited about the prospect.

Update 2 – Growth

Secondly, I am also thrilled that the business consultancy side of the business continues to grow.  We are acquiring new clients and I will tell you a little bit more about  some of them  in due course.  I seem to have taken on a whole swathe of creatives as clients Рone of them is an artist, another one is an author.  I am enjoying every moment of the work and learning so much in the process too.

Update 3 – Apryl Beverly – Shots Fired – How to Write Copy That Pierces Hearts (And Open Wallets)

Talking of authors, I have made a lot of superb connections online in the last couple of years. ¬†You have to understand that this is huge for me. ¬†The reality is that I am a very private person and ¬†am not naturally comfortable with putting myself out there especially on social media. ¬†But I realise that it is important to interract ¬†and connect with others in order to get one’s message out there.

One of those connections is¬†Apryl Beverly. ¬†Apryl is an accomplished copywriter. ¬†She is very good at what she does. (I’m trying hard not to lapse into superlatives in describing her – but honestly, she is that good.). ¬†Here’s a pic of Apryl below. ¬† Why am I featuring Apryl? ¬†I guess it’s a matter of timing. ¬†It just happened that I ‘stumbled’ across her work, loved it so much and she is¬†releasing a new book around the same time. ¬†Besides, I think her book would be a valuable resource for you guys.

Blog News Update List on Buzzfeed
Apryl Beverly

Good copy ¬†is what makes your content stand out and resonate with your audience. Copywriting is what helps you make your content pop and leap out at your audience. ¬†Apryl writes super copy. ¬†As i said she¬†is launching her new book today. ¬†It’s called –‘Shots Fired – How To Write Copy That Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets)’. ¬† You can click on the link ¬†to grab your copy.

Blog News Update 3
Shots Fired – How To Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Open Wallets)

You can understand why I am so excited and you should be too.  I think this book will transform the way you look at getting your content to your audience.  I  pre-ordered my  copy from Amazon.  You can too by clicking here.  P.S. I am not receiving any commission for this РI am sharing because  I think it would be a valuable resource for you.

Update 4 – Maverick Artz

Coming back to my artist client – Maverik Artz. It’s not often that one encounters truly talented creative folks first hand. ¬†My client is super talented. ¬†They have an ongoing exhibition¬†at the moment. ¬†Amazing works of African art from a superbly talented, but unheralded artist. ¬†As Michael Hyatt puts it. ¬†Everyone needs a bit of art in their life and I could not agree more. ¬†If you are in London by any chance, you should take some time out to look at works at the exhibition holding at ¬†Boulangerie Bon Matin, 178 Tollington Park Road London N4 3AJ. ¬†You will be glad you did.

Blog News Update 4
Maverik Arts Exhibition

Update 5 РPrivate Equity Africa

There’s so much more news to report. Last night, I was a guest at the 6th Annual Private Equity Africa Outlook Seminar held at the Canary Wharf offices of Clifford Chance. ¬†Private Equity Africa is a leading publication¬†on the private equity market in Africa. ¬†It was a pleasant and insightful evening ¬†networking with the key figures¬†in the Africa private equity market. Needless to say, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Blog News Update 5
Private Equity Africa Seminar

I will stop right here for now, but I will keep you posted on future developments.  Thanks for staying with me.



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