September 2

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How did I get into teaching others? Well, there’s a very good friend of mine who was on the verge of giving up what I considered to be a successful business.  She didn’t exactly approach me for advice, all she said was – ‘Soji I’m tired, I’ve had enough’.  No more.

After we spoke for about half an hour she agreed that it was not a good idea to shut shop. The next time we spoke she asked me a few more questions and now she’s running her business full steam ahead. She said,’ Soji why don’t you teach others what you taught me?’  Hmm! I thought.  Nothing pleases me more  than seeing those one has helped succeeding or excelling in their business, work or in general.  It is very heartwarming indeed.

I have had several folks come up to me for advice, tips and resources for their businesses. I figured it would be nice if  I could make my knowledge and tips available online on an accessible platform.  There are millions and gazillions of resources online but very few sites put together all the resources you need in one place.  I intend to bring as many resource as possible together in one place that you can use to develop and grow your business.

My aim is to give my subscribers top notch content that they can use to improve their business.  I will be introducing a Members’ Area soon.  Let me know the type of content you would like to see in a Members Area.  Leave me your comments and thoughts below.   I welcome all feedback as I endeavour to bring you regular good content to help grow your business.

Have you ever faced difficulty or hardship in your business or in your life that you almost felt like giving up?   Do you know anyone who needs encouragement or support at a difficult time in their life?

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