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Taking action to grow your business

There are so many miracles recorded in the Bible. I find many of them are so way way beyond what us humans can fathom. Instances like – Moses stretching his staff to part the Red Sea or Jesus raising people from the dead after after many days. There are several other incidents of amazing healing. I guess that’s why they are called miracles.

Floating Axe?

The floating axe? That is in itself a contradiction in terms. Axes do not float – simple! For me, this is one of the most underrated miracles in the Bible. I say underrated – because it is hardly referred to when most people discus biblical miracles. See 2Kings 6:1-7. So here I am thinking an axe, that is a solid metal with no ballast floating….Why? This a demonstration God’s awesome power through Elisha’s faith.

He acted

Floating Axe - Image courtesy of
Floating Axe – Image courtesy of

based on his belief in God despite the circumstances saying the contrary. This is a classic case of when logic tells you something, your faith tells you otherwise. Rather than follow logic you respond to your faith positively by taking action.

I am always reticent about mixing faith and business. But then I got thinking that it is almost impossible to separate one’s faith from one’s work. This is because you find that your belief systems govern your values and your values shape your actions.

Taking Action with Faith

A common thread between these miracles is the fact that in almost every one of them, the prerequisite is that somebody somewhere took action. As such, apart from believing (having faith) they also acted. Faith we are told is the evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for Hebrews 11:1

If you want to go on a journey, no matter how much planning and preparation you put into it, the journey will not start until you take the first step. It’s like the famous saying from Lao Tzu- the Chinese philosopher, ‘the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step’.

No matter how fantastic or well laid out your plans are, if you do not take action to implement the plan, it remains an intention or a plan. Like a good friend of mine said [Tweet “‘no plan has ever been executed without action’.”]

The Bible tells us that without faith we cannot please God. Hebrews 11:6 In addition, that faith without works is dead James 2:14-26

Some people struggle with procrastination and I am sometimes guilty of that. Procrastination is putting off till tomorrow what you can do today until it becomes almost debilitating.

I read a post by Kim George of Small Business Sense where she gave some brilliant tips and pointed to some really good resources to help deal with procrastination. In a similar vein, Michael Hyatt touches on the same subject and he also gave a great insight into how to overcome the problem of procrastination.

Application to Business

How does all of this matter to your business? Hands up if you’ve ever written a business plan and never acted on it. I have. Most successful businesses have solid business plans. Those plans were put in place based on a belief that they would work.

They were, in all likelihood, properly researched and tested to validate the assumptions in the plans. In the end, the business owner executed the plan by taking action to implement it. So no matter how much faith we have in our belief system, neither does it matter how sophisticated or detailed your plans are, if you do not take action, it remains a sheet of paper – useless.

Knowing or testing our limits

In all of this, you may have set yourself some goals or outlined some objectives. This is where the conundrum lies. Some say goals are limiting in that you are mentally setting yourself a limit for your achievement when in fact you can exceed this target. The truth is somewhere in between. Setting oneself a goal should not be confused with placing a limit on your ability to achieve.

However, there’s a point you get to that you know or should I say feel you have done all that is humanly possible within your power and you leave the outcome in God’s hand. Invariably the limits we set ourselves are either imposed by us, those around us or our circumstances.

For a very long time, it was thought that it was impossible to run the mile under 4 mins…. that limit has been broken. When you think about it, because no one had done it before, it was thought to be humanly impossible. Interestingly, the moment Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute limit, the record was lowered 46 days later . Amazingly, today the world record for the mile is nearly 20 seconds faster than the fabled 4 minute limit.


  • Set some goals and plan properly in advance
  • Every plan must be backed by appropriate action – Take Action
  • Our faith gives us the foundation that our values are based on
  • The limits we set ourselves are artificial
  • God has blessed us with ability beyond measure

Do you struggle to take action in executing your plans to achieve your goals or objectives? I will like to hear from you about the steps you took to overcome this obstacle. Leave me your comments below please.

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