June 21

SBLs 010: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 10

Apryl Beverly - Copywriter

Without a doubt, copywriting is the bedrock upon which any meaningful lead generation effort rests. Good copy is what draws attention to your content. It is the magnet that makes people want to read your content. As my guest in this week’s podcast episode likes to say ‘it’s what makes folks smack those buy buttons’.

This week’s special guest, Apryl Beverly is in her words and I couldn’t agree more, ‘ a million dollar word slinger’. She shares some of the secrets of her unique style that has enabled her grow her business and rapidly build her audience in the last few years.  She graduated in Journalism from Ohio State and has an MBA in Marketing from University of Phoenix.

Apryl is an award winning copywriter and an Amazon bestseller twice over. Her two books ‘

Shots Fired - How to Write Copy That Pierces Hearts (and Opens Wallets)

’ and '

F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to Use Facebook Ads to Hook Smoking’ Hot Leads

’ are bestsellers.Some Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Know your audience
  • Infuse your message with your personality - speak to your audience in a way that they’ll get you and thoroughly enjoy listening to you and connecting with you and
  • Make sure you give people reason to invest in your product or service

There are loads more valuable nuggets and insights from Apryl on the podcast. You want to make sure you listen to the end and share with others in your network. As usual,  kindly leave me a comment and rate the show, either on


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You can reach Apryl either on





.You can also get your copy of her book by clicking on the link below




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