June 14

SBLs 009: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 9

Every week, when I go through the process of recording episodes, editing clips and putting the content together for the post, I discover new things.  The cliche 'you learn everyday' is now more clear than ever. 

I learned a whole load more about the features and capabilities of iMovies as an Audio editing tool.  I mean, it's very good.   I will do a post on this in the near future. Promise.

On this week's episode of my podcast, I welcome  John Obidi, Founder of SmartBCamp and Obidi Social.  John shares tonnes of advice of various topics ranging from startup advice, building social proof, his favourite resources and tools, as well as some really good quotes.

John shares his heartwarming story of how he started out on his internet business journey charting his course from growing up in Benin City in Nigeria and discovering the power of the internet and social media. In a relatively short space of time he has build a vibrant and active facebook group with over 25,000 members.

John also talks about his values and guiding principles which rest largely of learning, self development and freely sharing quality content with your audience.

Some of his memorable quotes include:

Some of his memorable quotes include:

  • ' learn all you can and share all you can'​
  • "people are not looking for information, they are looking for leadership"
  • "learn deep and share deep"

​I really enjoyed every moment or our chat and I am more than certain that you will too.

You can reach John by clicking on any of the links below to contact him on 



Facebook or on his


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Don't forget to please leave me a comment, rate the show on iTunes or Stitchter and share the podcast with your network.  I appreciate you​ all.


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