November 6

SBLs 006: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 6


In this edition of “Soji’s Business Lessons” Soji speaks with Ronke Lawal, PR and marketing consultant and head of Ariatu Public Relations – a PR firm that helps small and medium sized businesses achieve their marketing and public relations objectives.

Ronke has over ten years’ experience running her own business but also has the distinction of having been head of the Islington Chamber of Commerce for three years. These roles have brought a lot of insight which Ronke shares throughout the podcast.

She cautions against blurring the lines between business and friendship as well as she dispels the myth of the ‘overnight success’.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The potential benefit of rebranding your business when a change is needed.
  • The importance of taking care of contractual arrangements and business matters before moving forward with a project.
  • Why it is important to represent your personal brand appropriately on social media.
  • The value of professionalism and integrity.

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About Ronke Lawal

Company founder Ronke Lawal was born in Hackney, East London of Nigerian parentage. Having graduated with honours from Lancaster University and the University of Richmond Virginia (USA) with a degree in International Business (Economics), she started her own PR and Marketing business in 2004. In 2011 Ronke Lawal was honoured to receive a Precious Award for Inspirational Leadership. In January 2010, Ronke became the Chief Executive of the Islington Chamber of Commerce where she remained until the end of 2012 and became a non-executive director of The Hoxton Apprentice in 2011. She joined the board of Trustees of Voluntary Action Islington in 2012 where she is also a Director of The Voluntary Action Academy and is currently on The Employers Panel for the National Employment Savings Trust. She is a Mentor for The Cherie Blair Foundation and for The Elevation Networks Start Ups Initiative. She is currently on a Board Member of TRiBE, An Empowerment not for profit organisation which aims to give young black women opportunities to thrive.

Apart from her active business interests, her varied passions outside the businessworld include food, travel, music, literature and most importantly living a life she loves. Her love for food led her to create The ‘Who’s For Dinner?’ food blog –

Ariatu PR represents clients in a variety of industries including the entertainment, fashion, lifestyle & beauty, food and luxury goods sectors with a particular interest in the Africa/Caribbean Diaspora community.

Twitter – @ronkelawal




branding, business, business challengers, business communications, business lessons, entrepreneurship, integrity, marketing, Productivity, professionalism

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    1. Among 363 patients with drug induced liver injury who underwent liver biopsy, 26 7 had bile duct loss, including 2 cases attributed to azithromycin both of whom developed evidence for chronic liver injury suggestive of vanishing bile duct syndrome buy cialis viagra Like pneumonia, some cancers, including cervical cancer, childhood leukemia, superficial melanomas, and Hodgkin s disease, can be truly cured

    2. A professional treatment uses a stronger whitening formula, and often works more quickly, is more effective at removing yellowing and stains, and lasts longer than home treatments cialis generic name Hoibraaten E, Mowinckel MC, de Ronde H, Bertina RM, Sandset PM Hormone replacement therapy and acquired resistance to activated protein C results of a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial

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    1. The question was posed that if, tamoxifen prevents breast cancer but an added benefit is the maintenance of bone density, why not develop a drug to prevent osteoporosis or atherosclerosis that prevents breast cancer in the general population as a beneficial side effect cialis generic At 14 days, endomucin staining of callus tissue 1 mm and 2 mm from the full fracture site revealed significant reductions in vessel density in UBC cKO and Osx cKO mice 2 Way ANOVA with Sidak Post Hoc Test; p

    1. cialis reviews The absence of palpable nodules together with the lack of ocular lesions at ultrasound examination in some of the study animals, which harboured mfs in their skins, imply the potential presence of adult nematodes in other anatomical localization

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