SBLs 005: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 5 -

October 30

SBLs 005: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 5



In this edition of “Soji’s Business Lessons” Soji speaks with Bode Olaniyan, managing director of Abacus 59 – an accounting agency based in the UK.

With thirty years of experience in the field of accounting, and an entrepreneurial career that started right out of university, Bode offers much wisdom for business owners. In speaking of an early experience with Sun Microsystems, he spends a bit of time sharing with the listener lessons he learnt while undertaking a data collection project for the company. He also cites the importance of delegating as one of the most valuable lessons that he has learned.

In this episode you will learn :

  • Why data is important to your business.
  • The seven Ps of Marketing – the key ingredients needed to start a successful business. Products, price, people, place, promotion, positioning and Packaging
  • Why your business needs to adapt to changes in technology.

How many of these do you currently apply in your business?  It would be great to hear from you.  Leavc your comments here below or on iTunes


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