It’s True: You Really Can Achieve your GOALS – And Here’s How… -

January 1

It’s True: You Really Can Achieve your GOALS – And Here’s How…

Happy new year to you all.  I pray 2016 delivers everything we pray and hope for, Remember that everything we achieve is a result of the decisions we make and the actions we take to implement those decisions.

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while and there’s good reason for that. Or is there? Why do I ask this question? I post blogs weekly (or at least try to) and if you've been following me closely, you'll notice that I haven't posted any blogs for some time. It will make some wonder why or think there must be a good reason why I have not posted blogs lately.

The reality is that, life  happens or gets in way of the best laid plans.  One has to just roll with the punches.  I have been trying to juggle so many balls together and invariably something had to give.  I guess I  must not lose sight of my humanity  (not that I profess to being Superhuman or a Superhero of course - but don't tell my 10 year old daughter that!).  The key thing is not to stay down but get up and keep going.

​In an ideal world,  everything around you should run on auto pilot.  You should never have to bother with checking that your blog post is ready to be published. It’s just there, ready to go. Your podcasts would be automatically scheduled. Your content is automatically prepared, guests invites and questions sent.  Your podcast episodes are recorded and edited. The intro and outro jingles incorporated and your podcast is scheduled to publish on all platforms known to mankind.  All you have to do is sit back and watch the posts go out and the money roll in… Right?

​Wouldn't it just be nice if that was the reality of  every blogger, consultant, marketer or business owner's world. However, the real world could not be more different.

We all wish or want everything around our lives to run on auto pilot while we watch it all roll on. All we do is apply a few tweaks here and there.​

The fact is that most people don’t know what goes on behind every smily face, neatly pressed suit or tidy home. Someone said that in reality most of us are like synchronised swimmers - looking very serene on the surface but paddling furiously underneath the water to stay afloat.  

The question is - does it always have to be be like this?  As in, can there ever be a convergence between what you see on the surface and the reality of most people’s lives?  Or put another way can we seriously expect to make changes today to our lives, our businesses or work that would transform us for the better?  

I actually think we can. How?  I think we can do this by taking an intentional approach to setting goals, targets or laying out objectives for a start.  Someone said ‘what good is a plan if it’s not implemented?’  It’s just a jumble of papers or a wish list. I agree wholeheartedly. So you can see that a plan is only as good as it’s implementation, 

PS. I'm not saying we can achieve perfection but we can take concrete steps to achieve a desired outcome

.A good starting point is to go through what I call a 'honest and complete self evaluation exercise'. I coined an acronym for it - H.A.C.S.E.E. (honestly I don't know if it's original - frankly it doesn't matter a jot - the key is - it's easy to remember and it's useful for the outcome you seek)

What is a Honest and Complete Self Evaluation Exercise? (HACSEE). This does exactly what it says on the tin.

This is where you undertake a honest self appraisal of every aspect of your life, from health and well being, to physical fitness, to relationships.

This could go deep into all the various types of relationships. Including relationship with God, with your children (if any), spouses, parents, work colleagues and friends.

Your HACSEE could also cover things like your finances - looking at where you are with your assets and liabilities income, assets, savings etc.

With a HACSEE,  you look at every aspect of facet of your life and evaluate yourself on a scale of say 1-10. 1 being poor to 10 being very good.  You award yourself marks for where you honestly think you are on the sliding scale.

HACSEE - Honest and Complete Self Evaluation Exercise

At the end of the exercise you should  add up you self evaluation scores. You are the best judge of the the outcome or process.  If for instance you set yourself an overall benchmark of say 18 out of a possible maximum attainable score of say 30, you can then look to say having a 10% or even 20% improvement on the last evaluation period's score.  

You can then track your progress toward achieving your set outcome over a period.

I believe that the satisfaction you derive from this process far outweighs one being imposed on you by someone else.

For me, I think a HACSEE is valuable on many levels.

  • First of it is about YOU evaluating YOURSELF not anyone else judging you.
  • You set the standards on which you judge yourself - however, how you come up wth the standards is invariably a function of your world view, social conditioning and a host of other factors personal to you (that is another matter)
  • It keeps you focused on the things you consider really important for YOU
  • You immediately see where you are - from your own point of view
  • Once you evaluate you can then plan on the areas you want improvement in and
  • You decide the level of improvement you are looking for

One of the reasons I decided to go into business consultancy and to focus on small businesses and start ups is because,  I successfully ran a small business for many years.  I believe this gives me a unique perspective  to understand a lot of the ups and downs small businesses and their owners face.

On reflection,  I wish I had a mentor, coach or professional sounding board in the early days.  I certainly would have made better decisions.  I believe I can help business owners improve their decision making (not making it for them) by using my experience for their benefit.

I know that a lot of people spend this time of the year reviewing the past year and making plans for the year to come.  I am no different.  But the fact is that a lot of people still do not achieve the objectives they set out on the annual 'new year resolutions' or 'goals' list.

It is said that in studies carried out in  the US for instance, only about 8% of people achieve their goals.  What happens to the other 92%?  Your guess is as good as mine.

New Year Resolution Statistics

There are many reasons why people do not achieve their goals.  I will not attempt to analyse them here.  However, they include things like those listed below,  to name a few

  1. just being happy the way things are,
  2. not understanding the motivation behind their goal,
  3. not having a definite plan to achieving them
  4. not measuring or evaluating their progress periodically
  5. losing focus on the outcome they are expecting

The critical thing for me is to focus energy in achieving my goals in the year(s) ahead and to give myself the best chance of achieving them.  

I am pretty sure most of us want to be counted among the 8% who achieve their goals.  I have no doubt that you can achieve you goals if you go about it the right way.

 I will be running a Business Development Masterclass in London for business owners looking to achieve their goals in the year ahead.   I will be sharing the steps that I took to help me build  my business  and achieve my objectives.  I will also be showing you how you can do the same for you and your business.

Please look out  for more details in the coming days.

I will keep you posted.  Here's to a super prosperous 2016 to you and all.​

  • 92% of People Who Made New Year Resolutions Last Year Did Not Achieve Them
  • You CAN achieve YOUR Goals if you do it RIGHT
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