August 4




Finally, my site is up. I am trying very hard to contain my excitement.  I am like a little child who wants to tell his parents how his first day at school went and Mum and Dad have other plans and are not giving him 100% attention.   You know the feeling?

I want to say so much but I know I have to be patient.  Thank you for stopping by. There is a lot more to come.  Please do keep coming.   I am opening up a Members’s Area on this site soon and you can join and receive top class resources and tools.  Please keep an eye out.

Do you ever get frustrated when you send a message to a friend or business associate that contains about 6 different points you want him or her to address and he or she only talks about one point ?

Or do your children return from parties to tell you about what a good time they had and face how they had their faces painted and ask – did you take any pictures amd they go ‘no’ and you go ‘drats’.!

The same analogy applies to your business. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you send emails to your client or customers and the response you get is so poor and you wonder why this is.

My experience is this, people tend to focus on one thing at a time and if you ask them to respond to many different things at once, they hone in on one thing and leave the rest. This can be evident in sales offerings where the offer includes so many different options and benefits that the key value the customer is lost on them and they do not respond as expected.

Many business owners will tell you that is very difficulty managing their daily schedules because of the huge number of things competing for their attention.  I found it much easier to have a task list or to-do list which I prioritise or rank in order of importance and focus on one thing at a time.  I found that this is much more effective for getting most of I wanted to do done.

Do you struggle to get tasks done or completed? Are you looking for ways of increasing your productivity?  Leave me your questions below?  You can also  connect with me on  my facebook page or follow me on twitter


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