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SBLs 012: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 12

My guest today is LaTisha Styles. Latisha is a business coach who successfully transitioned from 9-5 to entrepreneur.  Listen in as she shares her compelling story with us. She now helps start ups and small business owners make that transition too.  In this episode, she shares about how she made the transition and gives some […]

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5 Answers To The Most Common Lead Generation Questions

​ ​ ​ Lead Generation is about getting folks to take interest in your business. The aim is to transform that interest into getting those browsers to become paying customers. This video is all about providing answers to the most common Lead Generation QuestionsThe questions are:How do I get new leads or customers?Who is my ideal customer?How […]

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5 Ways To Laser Focus Your Business Visibility

​ Hi all,  I shot a short video clip below on laser focusing your business visibility.​  Here it is below ​ I focused on 5 key areas as the headline says;Identify and know your ideal customerFind out their Needs or Pain PointsCreate a product, service or solution​ for their needFocus on or Clearly Communicate your product or […]

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SBL 007: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast – Episode 7

Click here to Listen, Subscribe and Review Soji’s Business Lessons in iTunes!  In this edition of “Soji’s Business Lessons” , Soji speaks to Tracy Timberlake, Vlogger, Video and Visibility Expert and founder of . ‘Tracy Timberlake is an award winning Beauty Vlogger and Video Strategist. She helps women become A-List Entrepreneurs and position themselves as […]

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What’s the fuss over video marketing?

​   Video marketing helps businesses boost engagement in a way no other means of communication can. Keeping in touch with your audience is so vital that one must always ensure that communication lines are always open .   I have found  video to be such a great tool in engaging with your audience. I find that it’s […]

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