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SBLs 005: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 5

  In this edition of “Soji’s Business Lessons” Soji speaks with Bode Olaniyan, managing director of Abacus 59 – an accounting agency based in the UK. With thirty years of experience in the field of accounting, and an entrepreneurial career that started right out of university, Bode offers much wisdom for business owners. In speaking of […]

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SBLs 004: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 4

    In this edition of “Soji’s Business Lessons” Soji speaks with Dave Shrein, founder of Shrein Media – a media company that works with small businesses, helping them to represent themselves online. Dave launched Shrein Media in July 2014 after spending six years working with nonprofits and shares much of what he’s learnt long […]

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Ten Pick-Me-Up Quotes for When Business Isn’t Looking So Good

  Entrepreneurship is no easy business. There is no guaranteed pay check at the end of the month, no 9 to 5. You can’t turn a blind eye to problems in your business and it’s not as easy to quit and find a new employer because you’re stressed or feel overworked. With that being said, it […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service and Wow Customers

Giving everything to ensure your customers are happy helps you retain them and could make them your biggest cheerleaders. Despite this seemingly glaring ’truth’, there is compelling evidence that many business owners struggle with this area of their business. In the age of the internet a bad review from a disgruntled customer now has the […]

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