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SBLs 010: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 10

Without a doubt, copywriting is the bedrock upon which any meaningful lead generation effort rests. Good copy is what draws attention to your content. It is the magnet that makes people want to read your content. As my guest in this week’s podcast episode likes to say ‘it’s what makes folks smack those buy buttons’. This […]

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5 Answers To The Most Common Lead Generation Questions

​ ​ ​ Lead Generation is about getting folks to take interest in your business. The aim is to transform that interest into getting those browsers to become paying customers. This video is all about providing answers to the most common Lead Generation QuestionsThe questions are:How do I get new leads or customers?Who is my ideal customer?How […]

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7 Useful Ways to Boost Credibility With Your Customers

In a recent blog post I spoke about the role that credibility can play in increasing sales  and today I want to look at the ways you may boost your business’ credibility and thereby establish a better relationship with your customers.  Credibility speaks to the extent to which you are trusted or considered trustworthy by […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service and Wow Customers

Enter your text here…Enter your text here…Giving everything to ensure your customers are happy helps you retain them and could make them your biggest cheerleaders. Despite this seemingly glaring ’truth’, there is compelling evidence that many business owners struggle with this area of their business. In the age of the internet a bad review from […]

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