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Hi, I’m Soji Fagade. I am an entrepreneur and I just love everything (well almost everything) about business. In terms of formal education, I earned bachelors degrees in Sociology and Law. I practiced as a solicitor for a while, but I have always been involved in business. While in University a friend and I ran a business that manufactured hand crafted door name plaques and wooden children's toys. In the early stages of my legal career with Harkavys - a London firm of solicitors, I walked away to run Sabo Foods – an exotic foods wholesale packaging and distribution business that I had founded a few years prior with my dear friend Goke. Together, Goke and I grew Sabo Foods into a thriving household name and brand within the industry. That business consistently generated millions of pounds in revenue for years. This accomplishment of starting a business from the ground up and turning it into a success that remained operational for nearly twenty years was not without its challenges, many of which we overcame through dedication, passion and simple trial and error. Along the way I have provided business development and consultancy services to many small business owners who were stuck or simply uncertain what the next move should be. Through business coaching, strategic product development and team building exercises, I have successfully helped small businesses launch products and services, move forward with purpose toward brighter and more profitable futures.

Jul 06

SBLs 012: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 12

By Soji Fagade | Blog , Featured , Lead Generation , Marketing , online business , Podcasts , Premium Content , Video Marketing

My guest today is LaTisha Styles. Latisha is a business coach who successfully transitioned from 9-5 to entrepreneur.  Listen in as she shares her compelling story with us. She now helps start ups and small business owners make that transition too.  In this episode, she shares about how she made the transition and gives some […]

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Jun 29

SBLs 011: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 11

By Soji Fagade | Blog , Business Lessons , Entrepreneurship , Lead Generation , Marketing , online business , Podcasts

Joining me today is Lakeisha Singletary who is the CEO of Elevate Digital Inc. She is a digital profit strategist and a digital marketing coach. She provides coaching services via her personal brand – Lakeisha Speaks. She studied computer science and maths at the University of South Carolina. Lakeisha also develops mobile apps for small […]

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Apryl Beverly - Copywriter
Jun 21

SBLs 010: Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast Episode 10

By Soji Fagade | Blog , Business Data , Business Lessons , Customer Experience , Customer Service , Entrepreneurship , Lead Generation , Marketing , Podcasts

Without a doubt, copywriting is the bedrock upon which any meaningful lead generation effort rests. Good copy is what draws attention to your content. It is the magnet that makes people want to read your content. As my guest in this week’s podcast episode likes to say ‘it’s what makes folks smack those buy buttons’. This […]

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