July 6

5 Ways To Laser Focus Your Business Visibility

Hi all,  I shot a short video clip below on laser focusing your business visibility.​  Here it is below

I focused on 5 key areas as the headline says;

  1. Identify and know your ideal customer
  2. Find out their Needs or Pain Points
  3. Create a product, service or solution​ for their need
  4. Focus on or Clearly Communicate your product or service to your customer or audience
  5. Be Consistent and be relevant

Key Facts and Figures

​4 Billion views of Videos on Facebook  daily,

 YouTube Daily views stood at over 4 Billion in  2012

The number of online blogs stood at 125m by the end of 2013 

Daily Twitter posts in the hundreds of millions

Current figures show that there are over 500m Monthly active users on Instagram

​News Flash!

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Business visibilty



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