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Why all successful businesses have good CRM systems


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Any business serious about growth and profitability should invest in a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

An effective CRM system will be an excellent database holding valuable information about your customers and your business’s relationship with them. Many smaller businesses tend to delay implementing a CRM strategy.  But by doing this, they fail to realize that the longer they operate without one the more difficult it will be to do so when they eventually decide it is time.

It is always a good idea to decide on a CRM strategy at the very beginning so you can start reaping the benefits as early as possible. These benefits are many and varied but together they really can make a world of difference to your business’ bottom line.

Learn your customers’ spending patterns

One of the fundamental benefits of a good CRM system or strategy is the opportunity to learn more about your customers. A good CRM system will provide you will valuable information beyond just their names and addresses. It will give you valuable insight into their spending patterns – what items they purchase and how often they purchase them. You will also learn if they make timely payments on invoices or if they are likely to delay payment based on their spending history. This kind of information is very useful as you put together a marketing strategy.

Stay in touch

Customers like knowing that they are at the center of your business and this is why a good CRM system is so important. It would be very difficult to connect with customers if you do not have their information on hand. The system allows you access to this information which in turn allows you to maintain contact with the customer.

This carries with it the added benefit of being able to reach out to the right customers when a new offer becomes available.

Target your marketing

It can be a waste of time to share a new offer with customers who have no interest in that particular product or service but beyond it being a waste of time, it can also be a turn off to customers.

With a good CRM strategy in place, the data collected will give you insight into your customers’ profiles. This information will help with targeting your marketing to relevant persons without alienating those who do not wish to receive offers they have no interest in.

An added benefit of targeting your marketing is that it will leave your customers feeling valued and special. The fact that you have a keen understanding of what their needs are and take the time to present them offers tailored to these needs is something they will not be able to ignore.

What to consider when choosing CRM software

Now that you are convinced that it is important to have good CRM if you want your business to grow and succeed you may be wondering about the many options available. According to it is important to choose a system your entire company will actual use. There are many options to choose from but before you rush off to invest in a system there are a few things to consider.


It goes without saying that the solution you choose should be within your budget but what may not be obvious is what to consider when thinking about cost. Beyond the cost of the software itself you must also consider the equipment that may be needed to implement it and the associated training costs to get staff up to speed with the system.


It is important to choose a CRM solution that can handle the needs of your business. This means you must ensure that the option you choose includes all the features your business will need to take advantage of. Failure to consider this factor may result in increased expenses down the line when you end up having to change systems for this very reason.


When making of choice,  consider options that include the capability  of changing and adapting as your business grows. It will be far easier to add features to your current system as you go along than to implement a new system every time the needs of your business change.

A very good example was when we were choosing an accounting system for our food business, we specifically looked for one that had all of the features described above as well as CRM capability  In addition, because were seeking invoice financing from our bank, the bank insisted on us installing an application that could be seamlessly integrated into their system.  We ultimately chose Sage Professional at the time and it proved to be a great choice. This is because, it represented extremely good value for the features and power of the application

The wealth of information that a good CRM software offers is highly valuable. It is an excellent investment if you are looking to take your business to the next level as its value outweighs its cost when chosen and implemented properly.[Tweet ” A good CRM strategy not only makes you money; it also saves you money”].  To get or keep your business on the path of profitability, consider implementing a good CRM software today.


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